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Preparing your Thesis for Binding

Tips on How to Prepare your Thesis for Binding



When we bind your thesis will drill it and thread-sew it on the left-hand margin, once endpapered and lined we
will trim your thesis on the head, tail and foredge.
If the margins aren’t set parts of your text could be trimmed off,
or unreadable on the inner margin.

See article here on how to apply margins to your thesis ->




When a  Word File is opened on different computers text/images could move around,
messing up your layout, which is the last thing you want!
To make sure everything stays put convert to PDF. This type of file will ensure
that the layout of your thesis remains the same.

See tips here on how to create a pdf file ->



If we are printing your thesis we print on a high-quality 120gms “ice white” paper.  
The higher grammage paper ensures a durable flat finish to your thesis.

If you are printing your thesis yourself we would recommend using a minimum of 110gsm paper.
If you are using a lighter 80gsm paper be aware it can tend to wave and curl when put through the heat of a printer.
Which doesn't give a nice flat finish when your thesis is bound.



Colour Printing

To save on printing costs, change any colour you don’t want into black,  
such as  Hyperlinks / Websites in blue, Page numbers, Headers / Sub Headings etc.



Don’t stress!

At Kennys Bindery we have over 40 years experience in the binding of thesis,
we have been around since the typewriter days. (Imagine having to type up your thesis on a typewriter!!)
Any questions call us, email us, pop into us and we can help!
Don’t worry if you are working right up to the last minute, we can guarantee we will
print and bind your thesis as quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standard as we can.




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